You probably decided to rent a house instead of buying one to spare yourself from the problems and stress that come with owning a property. We all know how costly it can be to maintain a property. Thus, when you rent a rated home, you expect that it will be in perfect condition, and that your landlord will take care of the repairs that need to be done in it.

Should there be a need for repairs to your apartment, be sure to report it immediately to your landlord. You shouldn’t delay this especially if the damages are making your home unsafe for you and the others living there. Remember that you are paying the home ratings so it is your right to live in a home that is in perfect condition.

What to Do During an Emergency

In cases of emergency, like gas leak for instance, you should immediately call your gas supplier. You may also contact the emergency services, and you should let your landlord know about it, too. If it appears that a disrepair in your house is causing harm to your health, contact your landlord as soon as possible.

How to Report Repairs to Your Private Landlord

Inform your landlord of the repairs required for your home. Always make a note of your conversations with your landlord, whether it is over the phone or in person. Remember also to follow up your conversation with a letter to confirm whatever is agreed upon.

Make sure also that you have a copy of the letter and have it sent to your landlord through recorded delivery. You will need this document later on should there be any conflict as to when you reported the repairs. 

You are not supposed to do any of the repairs yourself also, because this may cause more damage to the property or you might injure yourself in the process.

How Long Should It Take for Repairs to Be Done?

Once you have reported the repair problem, it is your landlord’s responsibility to tell you who should take care of the work, and what work needs to be done. You should also be informed how long the repair work will take.

Your landlord should be quick to arrange for repairs especially in emergency or urgent situations, like when there is no power or water supply in your house or when a huge hole in your roof is causing leaks.

How to Find the Perfect Property to Rent

If you want to avoid problems with landlords and house repairs, you should be careful in searching for a property in the first place. Sites like are reliable sources of information on property rating and houses or apartments for rent all around the UK.

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