Before going out to find some good deals home London, make sure that you have done enough research about the types of accommodation you can have as well as the kinds of tenancy agreements you may get into. In this post, you will learn about assured tenancies.

What Makes a Tenant and Assured Tenant?

You are most probably an assured tenant if all of these apply to you:

• You give the rental payment directly to a private landlord

• You’ve got complete control over the home you are renting, and so other people including the landlord cannot come in without your permission

• You are not living in the same building with your landlord

• You rented the place between January 15, 1989 and February 27, 1997, and you were not given a notice by your landlord saying that you are under an assured shorthold tenancy

If all these apply in your situation, then you are considered an assured tenant. Now let us talk about your rights as an assured tenant.

What Are Your Rights?

1. You have a right to live in your rented accommodation.

It is your right as an assured tenant to live in your rented home without any disturbance. You also have complete control over your property, which means that your landlord and any other people do not have the right to enter your home without your expressed consent. Also, your landlord cannot interfere in any way with the way you live in your accommodation. If he or she tries to do this, you can charge your landlord with harassment, which is against the law.

2. You have a right to contest rental cost increases.

The amount of money you should pay for the rent should be in accordance with what you agreed with the landlord. If you fail to keep up with your rent, it is the right of your landlord to take legal action against you or to evict you. And if you are a fixed-term tenant, your landlord is not allowed to increase the rent unless you express your agreement to it.

3. You have a right to ask for repairs in your home.

When you find home England, you have to be aware that it is the legal obligation of a landlord to make sure the exterior and the structure of the property is in good condition. This should include the roof, walls, guttering, doors and windows. You may notify your landlord or letting agent in writing if you want to get some repairs done.

How to Find a Home in England?

One of the most effective ways to find good deals home England is to use the services of ratedrents. In this website you will find a list of homes for rent all around the UK, plus the average cost of rent in specific areas.

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