Although renting a private property seems like the most practical and convenient option when it comes to finding a home to stay, it also comes with some risks. As a tenant, you will have to sign a tenancy agreement with your landlord. In this agreement you will find all your obligations as well as your landlord’s. And one aspect of living in a rated home that you should have a clear understanding of is the rules of eviction.

Basically, a landlord must follow appropriate procedures to evict a tenant from a property. If they don’t, this will be considered an illegal eviction.

Is Illegal Eviction a Criminal Offence?

Yes, it is a criminal offence for your landlord to evict you without taking the right legal steps for eviction. These procedures actually vary depending on the kind of tenant you are – a council tenant, a private tenant, or a housing association tenant.

Harassment is another criminal offence that can be committed by a landlord who will try to force you to leave through violence or by making it difficult for you to live in the property. Should you experience any form of harassment from your landlord, contact the police right away. You may also call the local council to seek help.

What Actions Are Considered Illegal Eviction?

If your landlord ends up doing any of the following, it should be considered as illegal eviction:

a. He harasses or threatens you to force you to leave the property.

b. He physically throws you out of the house.

c. He prevents you from getting into any part of your house.

d. He changes the locks in the house while you are out.

What Steps to Eviction Should a Landlord Follow?

For an eviction to be legal, there are steps a landlord should take.

1. Write you a notice to leave the property and give you at least two months to do so.

2. Take the case to the court and get an order for you to leave the property.

3. You can be evicted only by a bailiff, who should also have a valid warrant from the court.

What to Do When Facing Illegal Eviction

As mentioned previously, you need to call the authorities if you think you are being evicted illegally. You may call the police or your local council so you can get the help that you need. It doesn’t matter what your property rating is and where you are located, you have rights as a tenant and you should fight for them.

Looking for a New Place to Stay

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