If you’re renting a home as a tenant, you have rights that your landlord must respect, but you also have responsibilities to the property you’re renting as well as to your landlord. Basically, all the rules you should follow, and all your obligations are stated in your tenancy agreement. Thus, once you find an apartment in England and decide to stay in a particular place, it’s important that you understand your tenancy agreement so that you will know what you can and cannot do during your stay in the property.

Here are some of your most important responsibilities as a tenant:

Keep up to date with your rental payment

Typically, rent should be paid in advance, on a monthly basis (sometimes weekly). This is indicated on your agreement, or you may ask your landlord when the due date of your rent is.

Should you have problems paying your rent, you may seek help from an adviser so you could avoid losing your home. And if you claim housing benefit to help keep up with your rent, you also need to keep your claim up to date. If not, you may end up falling behind with your rent, which will result to your eviction.

Your home should not be left empty for a long period

To keep your tenancy, you have to live in it and use it as your main home. If you need to leave your home for a period of time, make sure that you let your landlord know about it. Not telling your landlord about it could make them think that you have abandoned the property. Make sure also that you continue to pay the rent even when you’re away.

Pay your bills and other charges accordingly

It is common for tenants to be in charge of their own utility bills, such as bills for gas, electricity, water and telephone. Your tenancy agreement will include details about which bills you are responsible for. Should you fail to pay them, such services may be cut off, and in that case, it is still your responsibility to pay for the reconnection.

Look after your home and report necessary repairs

Generally speaking, landlords are the ones who are responsible for repairing and maintaining the structure and the exterior of the property. However, as a tenant, your obligation is to take care of the property as well as all the fixtures and fittings in it. Thus, after you find apartment London, you have to treat it as your own home.

Having a good understanding of your tenancy agreement is crucial if you want to protect your rights as a tenant. Equally important, however, is that you be a responsible tenant so that no problems will arise between you and your landlord.

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