As a tenant, it is important that you understand what your obligations are, especially according to the tenancy agreement you have with your landlord. After you finally find great homes Brighton and are ready to move in, it is best that you also make yourself knowledgeable about the obligations of your landlord.

Here are the basic rules that landlords have to abide by:

1. Landlords are supposed to protect tenants’ deposit.

If you are an assured shorthold tenant, your landlord has the responsibility to protect your deposit through a UK government approved deposit protection scheme. Your landlord then has to give you back your deposit at the end of your tenancy. The only exception to this is if the two of you have a dispute over damages to the property you have caused or rent arrears.

2. Landlords should not disturb tenants.

Landlords have the right to access the property you are renting, but only when they have to do repairs in it. Otherwise, your landlord must let you live in the property without any disturbance. Your landlord has not right to come into your house with no reason at all. They need to give you a notice in advance to set a time for his or her visit.

3. Landlords must not harass tenants.

Your landlord must not harass you in any way in your home. He or she must also not make it hard or inconvenient for you to live in the property. For instance, your landlord must not enter your home without your consent. He also cannot stop you from using the electricity or water in your home.

4. Landlords are responsible for carrying out most repairs.

After you find great homes Nottingham and you wonder who should take care of all the repairs needed for your rented home, remember that your landlord is the one responsible for this. What this means is that all the problems with the walls, chimneys, roof, drains and guttering should be dealt with by your landlord.

As a tenant, your responsibility is to do the minor maintenance work and repairs. In most cases, this involves maintenance of gardens, internal decorations, and so on.

5. Landlords must follow the rules related to rent.

It is the obligation of your landlord to let you know how the rent is to be paid and how much you should pay. They also should not refuse to accept their tenant’s payment in whatever form it may be.

You need to be smart when you go find great homes Leeds. This means knowing your obligations as a tenant, while also being familiar with the responsibilities of your landlord. And if you want to do some research about the average rental rates in different areas in the UK, ratedrents is the site you should visit.

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