If you prefer to stay in a furnished rated home, you should expect a type of home furnishing that will allow you to live comfortably in the accommodation. In general, what’s expected from a furnished apartment or house for rent are the following:

  • chairs and tables in the living room and in the kitchen
  • armchairs or a sofa in the living room
  • storage for clothes and a bed in every bedroom
  • heating appliances
  • floor coverings and curtains
  • a fridge, cooker, crockery and kitchen utensils

If you feel that your landlord hasn’t provided enough furnishings in your rented property, you are free to bring in some of your own furniture, unless of course this is not allowed in your tenancy agreement.

And in case you are not satisfied with the condition of the furniture, it is recommended that you discuss it with your landlord as there is a chance that your landlord will offer to replace it.

What is an Inventory?

An inventory is a list of all the pieces of furniture or fixtures that your landlord has provided you with. It is often the landlord that writes the inventory, which should also include details about the items or furniture such as their condition and age. Once the inventory has been written, you should have a look at it, and then sign and date it if you agree with it.

If your landlord hasn’t come up with an inventory, you may as well draw one up immediately after you move in. You should then have a reliable witness to sign and date it before you give a copy to your landlord.

Damage to Furniture

If you end up damaging fittings or furniture in your rented home, make sure that you let your landlord know about it. Explain what happened and discuss how it will be repaired or replaced.

If you decide to repair or replace an item without your landlord knowing and agreeing to it, this can be identified by your landlord when the time comes for checking the inventory at the end of the tenancy. This could become a disadvantage to you as your landlord could deduct the amount of the damages from your deposit.

Wear and Tear

Of course, most furniture in any home may deteriorate over a period of time. This is referred to as ‘wear and tear’, and in this case, you will not be held liable for replacing such items.

Finding a Good Furnished Property Rating

The most convenient way to find a nice furnished accommodation is through ratedrents. With ratedrents, you can choose from a list of properties for rent and home ratings. The site will give you important details about the property so you can have an idea about what you should expect in case you end up renting a property.

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