For those who are planning to stay in a rented home in England, doing some financial planning is important. After knowing what is my home worth, tenants should also discuss with their landlord the tenancy deposit they have to pay. A tenancy deposit serves as a guarantee for your landlord in case you fail to pay rent, for instance. It is your right, however, to get back your tenancy deposit once your tenancy ends.

Now you ask, can your landlord make deductions from your tenancy deposit? Well, your landlord is allowed to make certain deductions from your deposit to cover the following:

  1. unpaid rent
  2. damage to the property
  3. pay for cleaning

It is your landlord’s responsibility to inform you how much money they will get from your deposit and what it is for. You then must receive what’s left of your deposit.

Meanwhile, your landlord cannot take anything from your deposit to pay for the following:

  1. unpaid bills for electricity, gas, or water (you should be contacted by the utility company)
  2. agency or advertising fees for re-letting the property

Inventory – Why is it important?

One very important document you should have after you find great homes London is an inventory. When you and your landlord agree on having an inventory at the beginning of your tenancy, you will have a record that describes the condition of the different parts of the house – furniture, appliances, floor coverings, walls, etc.

The inventory you have with your landlord will play an important role later on when there are disputes about how your landlord makes deductions from your deposit to pay for damage.

For Normal Wear and Tear

Landlords can get money from a tenant’s deposit to pay for damage and not for general wear and tear. Although it is your responsibility as a tenant to take care of the rented home, you don’t have to be charged for the wear and tear of the things inside the house. Thus, it is important that your inventory be as accurate as possible. It should also say what condition the paintwork and the walls are when you moved in.

For Damaged Items

Your landlord may deduct an appropriate amount from your deposit to replace or repair what you have damaged. If you break an old chair, for instance, there is no reason you should pay for a brand new one.

Choosing a Good Rented Property

There are many ways you can find a good house or apartment to rent, but the most convenient one is online through On this website, you may rate my property, and choose according to your preferred location. Thus, you can find a rented property that perfectly suits you.


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