How the ratedrents rating works

A quick guide on how our ratings are generated

A ratedrents rating is a letter grade that represents how fair (or not fair) a property deal is. Every home on ratedrents is graded independently through a proprietary algorithm that studies, every day, thousands of property listings from the popular portal Zoopla

Each property on ratedrents can be graded from A to F, where A is given only to the homes that offer the best value for money for location, features and price. Our algorithm compares each home with hundreds or similar comparable rented properties in an area and it combines different data sources to produce the valuations . 

How precise are our ratings?

We do our best to produce valuations that are as precise as possible. The  integration with different sources of data means that our results very much depend on the quality of the data itself. We work with data from strategic partners, house price indexes, user generated information and are constantly integrating new data sources. Our algorithms are designed so that our valuations will improve over time as we collect more complete and reliable data. 

How independent are our ratings?

We are not a letting agency nor do we work for any. All the listings you see on ratedrents are sourced directly from the popular property portal Zoopla. We simply rate each one of them, independently. Owners and letting agents cannot and will never be able to pay to change their properties ratings. 

We believe that our rating system can save people precious time and money, by enabling more informed rental decisions. We are continuosly working to improve the quality of our services and would like to hear from you if you have any suggestion/feedback.

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