If this is your first time on ratedrents.com, you are probably asking yourself what  we really do and why we are better than your average property website.

Think of what the majority of us do when looking for our next home:  we go online, start browsing for properties in a specific area, spend hours comparing flats and houses around hoping to spot the right deal, we ask the 'property expert' friend for advice on the homes that we like, do some more comparing to then finally arrange a viewing with the owner or letting agent..and hope for the best!

Imagine if you had a superpower that enabled you to instantly spot the best rentalproperty deals in the area you are thinking of movint to, just like an industry expert would. Imagine also if you could see what your next door neighbours pay for similar homes before even meeting them, so that you know you are not being ripped off by your new landlord. Imagine you could do all this for free, now. 

This is exactly what ratedrents will help you with. Simply put, we study, evaluate and rate thousands of properties which you would normally see listed on popular online property portals (e.g.: Zoopla), so that you can immediately spot the best deals. No property knowledge required, tons of hours saved from comparing property listings one by one and no dirty lettings agents tricks. 

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Our valuations and ratings are based on comparable homes already rented in the areacurrent and past market values and letting agents reputation. We are constantly improving our rating system and working hard to integrate more and more data so that you can make better rental decisions and maximise your value for money. 

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We dream of a world where data can empower us all to make better life decisions, and believe that choosing the right home to live in is an important decision that can't be left to chance. 

We developed ratedrents with this in mind and are working hard to ensure that people in England get the home they deserve. If you like what we do, please show your support by sharing us with your friends and family.

You can try ratedrents here –  it's free and always will be.



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