For those who are looking to rent an apartment or a flat, there’s good news for you – there are now a lot of good deals home London you can choose from. Through websites like, you will be able to find a property that perfectly matches your needs in terms of size and location. Ratedrents also allows you to choose a property that suits your budget. You can do all this research in the comfort of your own home.

Finding a good rented property can be easy, but finding the perfect landlord is often a challenge. There are those, for instance, who ignore their responsibility when it comes to maintaining the condition of the house for rent.

If there are repair issues in the house you’re renting, what can you do?

Negotiate with your landlord.

Talk to your landlord if there are repair issues in your house that have caused damage to your belongings, or worse, if they have made you or anyone in your household ill. You may also ask your landlord for a reduction in your rent, or a refund to cover for your damaged furniture and other belongings.

Get some legal advice about what you can do.

You also have a right to get legal advice to know what court action you may take to address your issues over disrepair. Take note that you can only file for a claim once your tenancy has already ended and not soon after you find home England and started your tenancy. Also, there are certain conditions to be met in order for you to get legal aid.

First is if you want the court to order your landlord to do the necessary repairs to your home, especially if the damages are causing serious safety or health risks. The other one is if you need the advice as part of your defense against your landlord who wants to evict you.

Claims to compensate for the inconvenience the disrepair has caused.

If you have experienced any form of inconvenience or have had a hard time using your home in a normal way because of the disrepair, you are eligible to claim compensation. The amount you may get from your landlord will be determined by the court depending on the degree of disrepair, the amount of rent, and how much you were affected by the disrepair.

Risk of getting evicted over court action.

Unfortunately, some landlords would rather evict their tenants than do the repair of the house. In this case, going to court is a better option, especially if you don’t mind not being given an extension of tenancy by your landlord. Beside, will always be there to make searching for good deals home England easy for you.

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