If you’ve decided to use a letting agent to find home London, and you’re not happy with how the agent is conducting things for you, there are several things you can do if you want to complain. Below are the easiest and most effective ways to do this.

Complain Directly to the Letting Agent

The first step should always be to try to resolve the issue directly with your letting agent.

It is mandatory for all estate and letting agents to have a complaints procedure. You can get some information about it by visiting the agency’s website, or you may also call the agent’s office. You should be informed of the procedure if you ask.

Be sure to follow the complaints procedure. You need to explain your case to them in writing. Provide details of dates and times that are relevant to your complaint. In case the letting agent fails to appear to conduct the complaints procedure, sending a written complaint is your next option.

It is the right of the letting agent to ask you questions, investigate and even ask you to send copies of certain documents. The letting agent then has to write to you to inform you about the result of their investigation.

What if your complaint isn’t resolved?

If your letting agent does not reply to your complaint, or if you are unhappy with the result of your complaint, there are other things you can do. First, you may complain straight to the letting agent’s redress scheme. You may also contact the agent’s professional association. And finally, you can complain to the trading standards department of your local council. You just have to let them know why you are complaining about the services of the letting agent whom you hired to help you find apartment England.

Complain about Your Letting Agent to Your Landlord

If you’re not ready yet to conduct a formal complaint process, you may instead talk to your landlord about the poor service of your letting agent. To contact your landlord, you can check his or her contact information on the tenancy agreement you signed. You may also ask your letting agent for such information if you are not sure about your landlord’s name and address. It is the responsibility of your letting agent to provide you with such information.


If you’re not happy with the service of your letting agent, you don’t have to keep quiet about it. It is your right to be given quality services anyway. And should you decide not to hire a letting agent to find apartment London, ratedrents.com is an excellent alternative. You will find in their website a huge listing of private properties for rent in various areas in England. This is the most convenient way you will find the perfect house for rent for you and your family.

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