If you want peace of mind when renting a home, the first and probably only person you need to have some sort of agreement with is the landlord. Since your landlord is the legal owner of the property you are renting, it is important that you have a decent relationship with him or her to avoid any possible conflicts in the future.

However, one thing that bothers many tenants is the fact that some private landlords are not happy to receive any requests from their tenants, especially if it’s about making repairs to the property. So you might wonder if you could ever be at risk of eviction if you ask for repairs.

Retaliatory Eviction: What is it?

Retaliatory eviction does exist, and it may happen to you, too. It is when a landlord evicts a tenant for speaking up about poor conditions and the need for repairs to the rented property. While many private landlords are committed to keeping their properties in great shape, there are also some who don’t want to bother spending their time and money for any repairs.

Most private tenants sign an assured shorthold tenancy. With this kind of agreement, it is very easy for tenants to be evicted from their rented homes. Thus, if you are under this kind of tenancy, there is a risk that your landlord will evict you should you complain about the poor conditions of the home.

Why Should Repairs Be Reported?

We all deserve to be in a safe home, and it is your landlord’s responsibility to ensure that the property you are renting meets the standards. You, as a tenant, pay your rent, so you should not hesitate to ask your landlord to make the necessary repairs to the property.

What If You Don’t Report Repairs?

It is your obligation to let the landlord know about the problems you are having with the home you’re renting. If you don’t, you can be held responsible for the damage resulting from a small problem that could have been resolved right away. Also, failing to report repairs could leave you losing all your tenancy deposit.

What If Your Landlord Refuses to Do Repairs?

If your landlord fails to take action to have the property repaired, you can complain to your local council. It is the council that will then do something about it, especially to prompt the landlord to take action. And if you think that it’s best for you to leave your rented home and just look for good deals home London, make sure you end your tenancy the right way.

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