10  reasons why you hate  lettings agents in London

If you have ever hunted for a home in London, you sure have come across some of the most stereotypical lettings agents characters around. No matter how hard you try, you will probably never feel much sympathy for agents and here are the top 10 reasons why you (un)consciously hate them.

Does any of these sound familiar?

1. All homes are 'beautiful'

no matter how ugly that worn carpet looks, how tasteless the furniture is, every home will be stunning to the agent's eyes. You should so get over your own idea of beautiful home and embrace theirs (NOT!).  

2. "This will soon be gone

The second you show a slight interest for a property, you are in competition with some imaginary stranger who is suddenly interested in this same home (and is about to put down an offer). Sure you heard "This [home] won't be on the market for long" once or twice before.

3. They all have the perfect home for you

No matter what, an agent will always stumble upon your dream home and will convince you to see it ASAP. You must be real lucky - not! 


4. Space is a relative concept

The spacious double room they advertised online will probably turn into a small closet with a queen-sized bed in it, you have ever seen. Be aware that 'spacious' is  in the list of the top 5 words in an agent's vocabulary, and it's often misused.

5. "It's at a great price for the area"

Nothing is ever too expensive for the London lettings market. No matter what, "this is the best price you will ever find in this area" - yes, sure.

6. "That will be fixed before your start of tenancy"

Perfection doesn't exist, we may all agree to this one. But every London home will have that "minor thing the landlord will fix before you move in". Chances are, it will never get fixed for a long, long time.

7. They have an answer to everything, even when they don't

When an agent doesn't know the answer to your question, they will make up something - no matter what. Need I say more?

8. referencing = easy cash for the agent

Referencing is not such an expensive process as most agents try to make you believe. Mostly, it is simply another good opportunity to make some easy extra cash at your expense.

9. Cheapest furniture only, please!

Have you agreed for a furnished home and let the agent choose the furniture? Expect your mattress to be quite uncomfortable: agents always know where to find the cheapest and ugliest furniture in town.


10. Once you are in, they're gone

If your lettings agent also manages your place, expect them to be gone for a long while. Once you have signed your agreement you are automatically not a priority for them anymore. What did you say the issue with the boiler was?

What can be learnt

Despite these stereotypical traits, we know that somewhere in London are still lettings agents with great ethics and wonderful homes to offer. We have made finding the best homes and agents our mission. To add some transparency to your property search, try ratedrents and help us spread the word.

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